The Dating Routine

I haven't written in a while because nothing in this "real world" life has intrigued me enough to analyze. But one thing which I have been thinking about is dating. My best friend was telling me the other day that one of my responses to a potential suitor sounded like it was rehearsed. In a sense, it was. After dating the last seven years and not getting into any serious relationships, except one, which lasted eight months, there has been much routine. We meet someone and get the cliched questions out of the way, such as age, occupation, passions, a short autobiography. There might be different scenarios in which these all take place, but it's always the same information. The first conversation has been rehearsed. My goals have changed, I've had different past experiences but it always the same content. The routine can get incredibly boring. Granted, I'll be honest, I like the attention I get, but I do get bored and possibly avoid the conversation unless the person intrigues me enough to continue to the cliched questioning.

I have been thinking, that I might continue this routine because I do get pressure from my family to find the right one. But what is the rush? I might be bored with the routine, but it doesn't mean I don't have a couple more initial conversations with me.

Also, I wanted to clarify, meeting people in life and routine dating conversations are different. I am always up to meeting new people, but they all serve different purposes. Some are for business, and some are for pleasure. The dating routine is only meant for those interested in getting to know in a romantic sense.