Actions Speak Louder than Words

This past weekend I have stepped into the reality of actions speaking louder than words. Honestly, how stupid do you think I am? It's like men feed you all of these words and lines to make you feel like you are on top of the world but in reality its just that, words. I remember the time that I fell for these "words," it honestly does not take a lot for me to feel like I could trust you but come on!!! Do you think I'm going to have a one night stand with someone when they tell ma' I promise that we'll be friends. What kinds of relationships last after a one night stand? Purely sexual ones, I can tell you that much. I just keep bumping into these guys who think that if they say the right thing, they can get into my pants. What you don't realize, I've experienced the "words" to their fullest potential. Promises broken, hearts broken, hopes lost.On the real though, I like to live life positively, but if one is surrounded by all of this negativity, wondering if one is going to be judged by a choice she made, then they have another thing coming. I have been told on many occasions that I'm "one of the guys" so wouldn't you think I would know a thing or two about "words." I'm guilty of the same crime. I think if you know the craft or the game just as well as the next guy, then there is no reason for them to believe they got one on me. When will people start getting real?