Mr. Right vs Mr. Right Now

What is the real difference between Mr. Right and Mr. Right Now? I have come across many Mr. Right Nows. They are absolutely great for the time being but are they great for much longer? They are supposed to be some sort of life experience which would lead you to Mr. Right, but if you're like me, life is full of tons of Mr. Right Nows. Mr. Right Nows say the right thing, most of the time they seem like they are the man of your dreams, but you are making a sacrifice in what you really want in a Mr. Right just not to be alone. Also, there are different levels of Mr. Right Now, there are the ones you just hang on to so you won't go to a movie alone, and there are those which you attempt a short-term relationship with, but it never seems to work out because they aren't Mr. Right.

I like to think the romantic part of me is looking for Mr. Right. But in the meantime, Mr. Right Now is kind of fun.