Is Divorce an Option?

Last night I was perusing through my Hulu account because all of my shows had ended their season and came across "Mistresses" with Alyssa Milano. I was a little interested because I've been a fan of hers since "Who's the Boss" and "Charmed" so I figured I gave it a try. I should had known what I was in for due to the title of the series. It's kind of sad to realize that this kind of program can exist because it has become socially acceptable that people cheat on their significant others. I remember from a History in TV class I took in college (I was a TV/Film Production major for a little), that society is actually ahead of TV trends. Like the first interracial or same sex kiss did not show up on any program until it was firmly known it was socially acceptable and a riot wouldn't form because it was shown in front of the public.

Anyhow, it saddens me that cheating on spouses is something that comes as some sort of a norm. I'm not naive to the subject, I do have personal experiences among family and friends that, unfortunately, have been a victim of cheating. I wonder, what happened to the sanctity of marriage? Do people get married with the idea that divorce is an option and that if they get tired of their spouses, they just cheat? Maybe it bothers me because my parents did divorce when I was a teenager. I had suffered from commitment issues for a very long time because I didn't want the same to occur to me. That is probably why I was a serial dater because I could just run as soon as I saw the possibility of becoming vulnerable.

A few years ago, I decided that if I were going to settle down, it would be one time. I would make myself the best version that I could be. I would then date serious guys who had their stuff together and wanted a future together. Then one day I heard the following quote:

“Divorce can’t be an option – it’s really that simple. If you just remove the option… because, if you have the option, one day that person’s gonna make you wanna divorce.

“That’s been a huge part of the success for she and I… We’re like, ‘Listen, we’re gonna be together one way or the other so might as well try and be happy.” - Will Smith

I realized I would have to find someone with the same mindset I did when it came to marriage and making it work.

I know some people just say, it didn't work out or we just grew apart but I think the idea of getting married when you're a little older, you had the chance to get to know your wants and needs in a relationship. You, in turn, would make the smarter choice in a partner. Maybe I'm in my own world when it comes to this concept. Then I ask, why even get married if divorce is an option?