It's that time... again

As a woman, I struggle with my changing ummm hormones. It seems that when it's "that time of the month" my emotions go a little haywire. I like to pride myself in being cool and calm so when I started to realize a trend in my heightened sensitivity, I started to pay attention. It's interesting because this is not a new phenomenon. In the book, "The Power of Now", Ekhart Tolle talks about staying in the "now" when it is this time specifically for women. I found it interesting that it was addressed. The whole idea of being in the "now" is to focus on your state of being, but when my emotions are toying with me, my mind goes a mile a minute. I think I first realized I was going a little crazy a few months ago when I started an argument with a friend. I asked myself, why did I get so upset? Then the next month, the same topic came up and I got upset, yet again around the same time. Whoa... I figured it out.

I didn't want to think that a woman's physiology would create an issue but I had to finally admit to myself that it does. Even today, I was having a conversation with my boyfriend, we'll call him The Comedian, and for whatever reason I felt like something was wrong. That he was upset with me. It didn't hit me until after the conversation how crazy I was and then I realized what was just around the corner.

Sometimes we slip and don't realize that we don't have all of the control in our own emotions. Possibly some women are worse than others however, this is something that happens once a month for many. Yes, I do get cranky, especially if I'm rubbed the wrong way in the morning. It throws my day off. It's interesting because I just recently rewatched "The Secret" and they did bring up the fact that even if your day starts off on the wrong foot, we have the control to change how we feel by just adjusting our emotions just a little bit.

Who said being a woman was easy??