Bruised Egos

It's amazing how one blog can inspire so many conversations. In the last week, I have come across a new realization that one's own ego is the basis of all of our craziness. Have you ever thought as to why something or someone has affected you so much, its because they hurt your ego. It's true that women dress for other women because we are the most critical and we want to boost our ego. The reason why really insecure people might go out of their way to get upset over something minute is because they do want their ego to get bruised. We people please because it makes us feel better about ourselves. What if you decided one day that your ego didn't matter? Only you and you alone are responsible for your own happiness. If you don't realize that, then you will consistently search for happiness in life through others and continually be disappointed. Humans are selfish creatures. We don't intend to be sometimes but at the end of the day, most will make the decision that will make them happy. A guy might not call you because they are tired of your incessant nagging with will cause a lull in their day. Or maybe you won't hang out with a girl friend because you know she'll talk about her break up, again. It's not that some of us are better than others, its just that our ego is a very delicate thing.

After reading some books and following some innovative thinkers like Kyle Cease, a comedian who strives to live in the moment, I have come to understand that emotional decisions are made because I am trying to boost or protect my ego. I have lived a long life of people pleasing. But I have realized over the years, yes, I can be there for my friends and family but not to depend on them to make myself feel better. Not only that, but I had depended on my friends to not feel sorry for me because I've always wanted to be resembled as a strong person even if I had a little bit of a rough past. Hence, boosting my ego by making me feel like I was this invincible human that could take on anything.

I have also realized this ideology is not easy to understand. To live in the moment and not to allow your ego to control your thought process. Just think about it next time your ego is hurt, why does it hurt and make a decision that doesn't involve boosting your ego. Emotional decisions really get us in trouble.