Remember When...

Don't you remember when bills did not have to paid and you could run in the backyard without a care in the world. When your friends weren't going through divorces or horrible losses. When no one has ever harmed you and the butterfly which landed on your shoulder was left with a place to rest. Remember when you were awoken and carried in your father's arms because you fell asleep on the couch watching "My Little Pony" or when your dad gave you a high five after hitting the ball off of the tee? Those were the times when there was no reality just play time. Your Barbie and Ken were off getting married or in their Corvette riding off into your living room. When you told your sister it was your turn on the Nintendo.

Grown up reality is so dark. It can leave you in a depression because you know this is it. This is what truly life. It is full of heartbreaks, lost ones, bills to pay, negative words, bad people. Why can't we be who we were when we remembered when.

The truth is, you can be. Life does come with struggles, like a scabbed knee or broken bone. We have the strength to make it all better. Keep on praying, keep on moving forward and live your life so you don't have to remember when because "when" is right now.