The A.D.D. of Dating with Technology

ImageRecently, I've been intrigued with the technology and dating.  Only 10 years ago, we had to watch how many text messages were sent and whether we could make a phone call after 9 PM.  Now everything seems to be unlimited.  I think over 10 years ago, Facebook didn't exist.  It's just crazy to think of how we dated even back then.  At that time, I was in college (Go Gators!!)  I remember being in high school and talking on the phone all hours of the night on the cordless phone and when the phone died, I had a super long extension cord for the other phone in the living room.  All of that doesn't exist anymore.  Everyone has a cell phone.  Shoot, no one even talks on the phone anymore, they text. My point is that now that communication is literally at our fingertips, how does that change the dynamic of dating?  Before, a girl would run home in hopes that the guy she liked called her.  Now, our phone is on us 24/7.  Imagine the added anxiety to either side of the spectrum.  We can now share pictures within a second.  I really do agree with the idea that because we instantly have information, it causes us to be impatient.  If we don't know an answer, we Google it.  If we want to talk to someone, we call their cell.  If we want to show a photo or share and idea, we post it somewhere.

Its insane to think how different things were only 10 years ago, and they will only progress.  People will become less patient when it comes to wanting information.  It has become common that 2 people who meet each other would text consistently through the day, everyday during the first couple of weeks of dating.  But where is the suspense, the hoping, the wondering that we used to anticipate?  The excitement dwindles off much sooner than it might have 10 years ago.  I can only speak from a woman's perspective when it comes to all of this.  I wonder to myself, is there a balance?  Texting, facebooking, social networking can be the demise of the beginning of a relationship.  It becomes way too much too fast.  Don't get me wrong, I believe you know when you have something good, you really know it but I think less is more in this case.  I have been in situations where I gave someone my number and regretted it.  Some insecure guy who spoke nonsense and asked me if I was okay and why I wasn't responding.  Annoying!  I have a secret for you ladies.  If you think a guy is annoying when he does that, so are you.  :-)

Give the other person the opportunity to miss you, to think about you, to really process what is in their head.  That's when its worth it.  Because then you know for sure its not just smothering information, its real feelings.  I read recently in a book, your emotions are your true thoughts, don't let your head get in the way.