Ryan Reynolds

Last night, I went on a date with someone I met off of Match.com.  Initially, I didn't have high expectations because he didn't really seem to be my type physically on his profile and after talking to him on the phone, it was hard to get a story from him.  Anyhow, I was being overly critical just to protect my possibly high hopes of finally finding someone. He convinced me to reschedule a date with an older man which I was having second thoughts about.  So I met him at a pool hall and as I approached the door, I was in shock.  This guy looked like Ryan Reynolds.  He didn't look like his profile pictures as at all, in a good way.  In my honest nature, as we sat at the bar, he asked why I was being so shy and I responded that he didn't look like his pictures and I was kind of in awe and a little nervous.  He then asked what I thought about his profile.  I told him my opinion considering I had been honest with him and told him of my experiences in dating and what women are looking for.

The date went on kind of awkwardly as we competed with each others sarcasm.  I felt a weird tension and lack of connectivity, I think it was because we were competing instead of getting to know each other.

During out date, I did tell him not to change his profile unless things didn't go well.  So because I'm so nosey, I did check him out since he hadn't attempted to contact me the following day.  He changed it.

I think the point is, I didn't realize I was an online dating profile consultant.  I was asked whether I've been on a blind date before and I laughed only because I've had so many dating experiences including Bad Date 4 - The Really Blind Date.  I was really thrown by him really updating his profile per our conversations.  Wow.  That teaches me to give dating advice to potential suitors.