The Bounce Back Lover

I cannot count the amount of old lovers who come out of the wood works after time had transpired.  It seems to be a theme in my life.  I have always believed in second chances and if there were not the case, then I would have never gotten engaged.  But then again, an ex is an ex for a reason.  I'm not really sure if all of these clichéd statements are true, however, I'm sure they keep coming back. I bring this up because I was watching the movie What's Your Number over the weekend.  Yes, it is a horrible chick flick but I am a sucker for a sappy love story with some attempt at comedy thrown in.  The movie plot has to do with the Ana Farris character attempting to find all of her ex boyfriends so she doesn't end up sleeping with more than 20 people along with her hunky neighbor from across the hall who she ends up falling in love with.  Anyhow, coincidentally enough, someone I was dating earlier this month who had disappeared sent me a text today.  I mean the premise isn't exactly the same but you get my point.  Part of me felt as if I might had given him an opportunity to explain himself but for whatever reason, I felt really abandoned so I just left it as is and thanked him for his apology.

I'm not sure what leads these guys to reach out after time.  Maybe I was just that great, which is totally possible. :-D  Then again, what really made them leave in the first place?  I could go over a list of reasons why.  They initially weren't ready for a relationship and now they want to try, they were leaving and didn't know how to handle the possibility of a relationship, someone dumped them and I always cheered them up. I would never knock a second opportunity but keep in mind one of my other faves, "Fool me once, shame on you... Fool me twice, shame on me.