Men can be so selfish!

This is a rant out of frustration.  I was told men can't help being selfish because of their testosterone.  To be a woman, you have to be mysterious, play hard to get, ladylike, whatever society wants you to be.  It is so tiring because in essence, you are trying to win a man's heart by playing this role.  Because they are so involved with their lives, they don't even take into consideration what your feelings might be at that moment.  This is when you play hard to get so they want to spend time with you because they can't have you.  It's ridiculous.  You are competing with their families and friends who play a higher precedence in their life regardless of how they feel about you.  I can't necessarily complain but all I ask is be honest.  If you're doing something with your family and/or friends then tell me.  If you're interested in getting to know me, make me feel important so that I don't feel that I may need to stray away. Yes, my friends are important but I also know that I need to make time for things that I want.  If you want something you will make the sacrifices for whatever you want to achieve.  I just can't stand those who hide information just so they don't hurt someone.  Let me tell you... the secret is out.  If you're online dating and changing your default picture almost every day then you disappear, that means you're on a date with someone else.  Stop leading people on!

Every woman has their worth.  A good woman deserves to get treated with more respect.  Keep your one eyed monsters in check!