Lies, secrets and the woman

In a twist of life events, I have changed from "one of the guys" to the only single girl among several taken girlfriends. With this change, a whole new sense of observations has occurred. The biggest I've found is the progression of a man's thought process when he's with the woman he loves. I believe that they if they mold themselves to the "married" man the relationship would be more successful. I put "married" in quotation because I think as a man gets in a relationship, he swears he will always be the man he was in the beginning but with a woman's guidance, they learn not to piss their significant other off.

I was on a trip recently, and I heard some comments made by the men that they were not going to tell their significant other what really occurred on their trip except for one. The one guy who said he would tell his wife what happened because he learned in previous experiences not to keep secrets. She would find out. Interestingly enough, when one is with another person for such a long period of time, especially a man, they learn the different facial expressions made when they are lying. I hate to say this because I still have those guy friends. Men are horrible liars. Men are not known for keeping their emotions in check. They wear their feelings all over their face and actions.

I find this situation comical because I am pretty much sitting in the audience of the events that are occurring in these relationships as an observer. I don't understand why these men believe that their secret will not be released. I also think men are worse gossipers than women but that's another blog.

If for some reason the women do find out about their man's actions, they will definitely be sleeping on the couch that night.