Closing the Ex Files

I sincerely love to be happy for people.  But when it comes to someone I dated or an ex, I simply just don't want to actually see their happiness unless I'm in my own little bubble of love.  I know it's selfish but in all honesty, its really for my own sanity.  I have never been the best at dealing with my emotions so I just think of it not being there. For example, there are some men who have gotten engaged or taken their girlfriends on a magical trip somewhere and I think to myself, that could have been me.  Well, that's if I could get over myself and actually figure that I did want that person at that time or even get over of my superficiality (especially when I was younger).  Granted, I believe I have every right to be a little picky but what if I wasn't?  Anyhow, I have discovered the internet has gotten the message.  I could hide their posts on Facebook and still remain friends, so I don't look like the crazy one. I have also done a little research and found out that both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have an app which can hide the name of an ex.  I think the internet has moved society  forward in being able to save men and women everywhere from themselves.

I have a rule after a big break up.  I fall off the face of the earth.  What better way to do so then hide all temptation.  Blocking them not only on Facebook but also from internet searches.  I wonder if technology will lower the need for therapy one day?