Bad Date 4 - The Really Blind Date

A lesson which I learned a very long time ago in my 28 years of life is to NOT (I repeat NOT) meet someone from the internet without seeing a picture or several pictures of them first. I believe it was my second or third year of college when I started talking to someone over the phone who lived in Orlando.  I went to UF in Gainesville.  The two weeks we spent speaking over the phone were great.  We had a connection and could talk for hours.  For some reason, in my naivety, he convinced me that I'd seen a picture of him and spoke of his looks very highly.  I just went with it.

We planned a date for one of the weekends I was going to Orlando to visit home.  I pulled up to a very popular location by International Drive, he walked out of his car and handed me a rose as I opened the door of my car.  As I looked into his face, I could remember thinking, I have never seen this man in my entire life!!!  Because of our great connection over the phone, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and disregarded the fact he wasn't physically my type.  I gave him a kiss on the cheek, he opened the car door on the passenger seat of his car and I laid the rose on the back seat, with the intention of taking it home later.

He took me to a local restaurant and we stared at each other.  He had absolutely nothing to say!  I wondered to myself why he was acting so shy.  To occupy the silence, I realized there were two Italian men speaking to each other at at table near us and I was trying to translate what they were saying.  Since I was taking Italian at the time, I took the translate what they were saying.   He asked me if something was wrong and I said " nothing".  I told him I was surprised he wasn't talking much.  He told me he was nervous and I explained there should be no reason to be nervous because he knew me after talking non stop on the phone for 2 weeks.  He asked me what I was thinking and I explained the two Italian men at the table next to us and how I was translating.  Needless to say, our conversation was ummmm empty...

We got back into his car and he asked if we should go downtown.  I thought to myself, why not?  At least we don't have to attempt a conversation with each other.  My date stopped at a gas station, he looked at me and asked, "you're not attracted to me, are you?"

I was dumbfounded.  Who would ask their date that question while they are cornered in a car with the other person?!?  I told him that it wasn't something I wanted to talk about and that we should just enjoy our night (I should have come up with a better answer...I was young).  He looked at me again and just asked me to answer the question.  I told him the truth because I am a big believe in honesty but I tried to hold back the blow as much as possible.  I told him I wasn't attracted to him but I wanted to enjoy this date because of our great conversation.  However, there was no conversation on this date, so it was difficult to overlook the fact that he withheld he never showed me a picture of himself!

Anyhow, we ended up at a club downtown.  We went to the rooftop and on the way up, I dropped my driver's license.  He offered to hold it for me and I accepted the offer.  I thought to myself, I was going to make this the best I could possibly regardless of the circumstances.  We started to dance, and I could feel his manhood protruding into my back.  I was totally turned off!  I told him that I needed to go to the restroom.  He walked me to the door.  I spent the next ten minutes splashing my face with water.  I walked out the door and asked him to take me back to my car.

While walking back to the parking garage, he looked at me and said,"You are the most selfish, self centered, b**ch I've ever met in my life.  I can't believe I let myself care about you."

I was in shock.  How did he have the right to call me self centered when all I tried to do was make this date work regardless of the circumstances.  I responded,"Are you joking?!?  All I've done is tried to talk to you all night but you're too "shy" to talk to someone who you've been been talking to for the last two weeks?!?!"

He just looked at me and continued to call me names.  I just shut my mouth, and prayed the drive back to my car would be silent.  Which it was.

I finally got to my car, slammed his door and never looked back.  Needless to say, I never got my driver's license back from him.