Being in "Like"

Meeting someone you might really like and beginning the possible pursuit of a relationship is bittersweet.  I personally start to morph into a different person.  I'm not sure if I'm the only one but I start to look at my dating profiles less, I don't text those lingering lovers as often or not even at all and I end up staying home much more.  It's the strangest feeling to want to be loyal to someone you barely know but in essence, I wouldn't want to do anything that would ruin the potential of a new relationship. I have a friend of mine who I talk to on a regular basis (I used to date him).  When I disappear for a while, he asks me, "So who is he?"  I find it kind of entertaining because sometimes its not a new guy, I just simply haven't had the time to go online and look out for him.  Plus married guy friends are kind of taboo.  I can't call him at all times of the night and have him convince me that drunk texting someone is a bad idea.

This stage of just getting to know someone is kind of exciting because parts of me want the next text or phone call to be from him and when its not, I get slightly disappointed.  Its kind of like the honeymoon stage before the honeymoon stage.  But the unknown always drives me crazy.  I've been told in many occasions that I have so much control over every other aspect of my life, but when i comes to relationships I'm a mess and I really am.  Just the wave of teenage emotions sometimes gets the best of me and my gemini nature wants to jump right in.  Just gotta remember... gotta be a lady first.  Well, a lady which can find humor in some of the worst things.