Recently, life has been very interesting to me specifically in some coincidental occurrences. As you all might know, I have recently started a relationship with God. With that, a lot of prayer has come into my life. It's strange because I can honestly say, I'm not the same person I was 6 months ago. I'm completely content. There have been a series of events that I have come in contact with that have made me realize that there's a reason we might be put in places for a reason. I believe it to be God's work, I'm being told something. A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to a Women's of ALPFA event which is a National Professional organization geared towards Hispanics. I gladly accepted the invitation but I had no idea what I was in for. I was thinking it was another networking event, not that those kinds of events are bad. I believe putting yourself out in the public is a great way to make contacts. You never know when you can make a connection that might be beneficial to you or someone you know.

Anyhow, after the dinner and some preliminary speeches, the keynote speaker was helped up the stage. Her name is Janet Perez Eckles. She is a inspirational woman who lost her sight at the age of 31. Even when all odds were against her, she still succeeded in becoming an interpreter and a New York Times best selling author. Her energy was just simply amazing. There was a reason I was asked to be at that place at that time. I'm more than sure several people were touched in that room but hearing her speech made me realize that writing was truly my calling. I knew the idea has been ringing in my ears for several years but this was a push to go after something I love.

I realize sometimes it might seem uncanny that we're at a certain place at a time but I believe that there's a reason for everything. I was at another event for another professional organization called NSHMBA which is geared towards promoting those in the community to get their MBA and I am on the executive board as the Director of Marketing. Anyhow, after we had our networking icebreaker, I was stopped by a gentleman who was in my boyfriend's icebreaker's group. He went on to compliment my boyfriend as being the good man that I know he is but I digress. We continued talking. I discovered that he was recently divorced and ready to get back into the dating game. He had started to question whether online dating was worth it. I kind of laughed to myself as I had dated online for quite a few years. I went on to tell him that there was nothing to fear when using a different medium to meet people. This city has become so involved with their own personal matters, its hard to come out of one's shell to make the first move. Being online just makes it easier to meet people who are serious about finding a relationship and being able to weed out those you might be interested in.

I have found that as long as you meet people in a safe environment, there is nothing to fear except they might not be who you expected. But those kinds of occurrences can happen anywhere. If you meet someone at a club, they might not have the personality you can really connect to or if you met them through a friend, they might take to you to Chik Fil A on the first date. When you date, you're taking a chance in hopes that maybe this opportunity might lead to a relationship. After speaking to him, he thanked me. It was odd. If we had never met, he would probably never have the confidence in dating online.

I'm not sure if being in the right place at the right time is really what this is all about. I think it's about the fact that you do seriously pray for guidance, God will direct you in the path you are destined to go but you have to slow down and listen.