Image defines ghosting as "The act of disappering on your friends without notice".  This term has become a phenomenon not only between friends but in the dating world as well.  I recently heard a conversation on the radio regarding this topic.  I'm not sure if its something new but I know I've done this and experienced it before.

Imagine this... you go on a date with this great guy.  All you can do is sit there and imagine what tomorrow might bring.  He gives you a kiss goodnight and the longest embrace in the world.  He tells you, he'll call you tomorrow.  The next day, you don't hear anything, then the following day... NOTHING.  Then you start to wonder, "What did I do wrong?"  You want to be lady-like and not send him a text, but F-IT!  You do it.  and NOTHING!  You have just become the victim of ghosting.

I know it might be a bad concept to recognize you might be guilty of, but, I personally hate the awkward conversation after a date when you decide this guy isn't right for me.  I understand that avoiding them might be easier.  Believe me, the guy probably has some crazy situation which would assist in him avoiding you or he could be a coward, but its neither here nor there.  It happens. Just breathe.  Don't try to justify it and create some sort of urban legend fantasy you might relate to.  Just realize, he's just not that into you.