Bad Date 1 - Chik fil A

I've decided to let you into the world of bad dates with some of my favorites.  Luckily, I'm a very laid back person so I was not terribly affected by these stories, however, I did learn my lesson. A few years back, I was in between a break with my ex fiance.  I had broken up with him a month and a half before.  I was at a friend's Superbowl party.  She told me her husband's best friend was a great catch.  Someone she would approve of... basically he looked great on paper.

The following week, we texted over the phone and made plans to hang out.  He told me to meet him at the mall which has several nice dining options since the mall is a little upscale.  He meets me at the mall and asks where I would like to eat.  I'm a little old fashioned when it comes to  that question so I like to have the guy make the decision plus I'm very conscious of their price range.

So he tells me, "Hey, let's eat at Chik-fil-A".  I think to myself.  OMG is this guy serious?????  Don't get me wrong.  I love Chik-fil-A,  But for a first date in the mall???  Which has other great places to eat like Cheesecake Factory, California Pizza Kitchen, PF Changs, Brio... just to name a few and he asks me if I want Chik-fil-A???

Now most would think I was a bit weak but I'm not a cruel person.  I ordered whatever I wanted off the menu and promised myself I would not date this guy again.  Good thing there wasn't a dollar menu.  He probably would had told me to order on that side of the menu.