Always the traveler's wife but never the traveler

Sometimes I rack my brain about what to write. Usually, when I do, I'm inspired. Today is no different. 

I was going through my old blogs and realized that there was a theme of being woken up. They say your 20s is where you make your mistakes and your 30s are meant for growth. Don't get me wrong that is an accurate statement. However, I still feel like there are mistakes to be made. 

For example, marriage is not easy. The Comedian recently started a new job where he travels 70 percent of the time. Luckily, I have a job where I can work pretty much anywhere with an internet connection. Unfortunately, we cannot do that all of the time. I find it comical, to say the least. All of the years I avoided dating military men (I had a serious complex, you date what you know) because I did not want to endure the lifestyle, I have found myself in a very similar predicament. It's almost laughable. Though the Comedian is not in the military, he is gone quite a bit. 

I am not saying his new job is a mistake, but I find myself trying to fill the time. Thus, it is like I'm finding myself again. I feel like you are a different person when you are single in the sense you have the freedom to come and go as you please than you are when you are married. I do try to fill my time with hobbies and my social life, but I do not act like I am single. There are so many predatory men out in the world. The temptation is always present. I am strong enough to push that temptation away, but it is scary as to how many people do not care about the sanctity of marriage. 

We do not have kids yet so there is plenty of time to fill. There's only so much Netflix and HBO shows I can watch before my head explodes. I find myself reading more and even taking extra assignments because I can. 

All in all, I'm trying to find the meaning behind all of this. I really believe God has a plan for anyway but at the moment I feel a little bit scrambled. This extra time alone is a blessing. Now the question, what am I meant to do with it?

Maybe my favorite hobby is where I will find the answer. Writing is what finding the meaning is all about. Putting words on a piece of paper or in a word processor helps me sort through all of the thoughts going through my head. It is so powerful. If you don't journal, I suggest you start today. It really helps puts things into perspective.

I think after writing this blog, I just realized that I could have written 300 words for the book that I am supposed to complete. Incredible. I told you putting your thoughts down was powerful.

It's all clear now. See what just happened?