2017 - The Building Year


I was looking at through my Instagram feed yesterday, and I came across one of my favorite end of the year posts called #2017thebestnine. Naturally, I had to get in on the action and see my best nine posts for myself. The final result led me to reminisce about this past year and how much has happened.

Why the "Building Year"?

Like I mentioned in my IG post, I left my full-time, comfy, corporate job to pursue freelance

year in reviwer

writing full-time. Let me say this... it's freaking scary. I have no idea when I am going to receive my next check. There's no HR office I can go to where I can speak to someone about receiving payment. I do have some clients who are really consistent, but I have other ones who pay when the project is finished. And I have others... well... let's say they are challenging. It's freaking crazy. Luckily, I've been able to hold my head over water for the past year.

I have learned that pitching for new work is just as important as the work. The realization that we only have so many hours in a day has brought me to the conclusion that I need to put more energy into Val's Bytes. I do love writing as a whole, but this blog is my baby.

My itch for wanderlust is never satiated

The building years

I love to travel. I mean, I LOVE to travel. The world has so many beautiful places, great food, and friendly people and I can't wait to see more of it. The Comedian and I went to Italy and Greece this past year. Europe exceeded my expectations in more ways than one. Never in my life did I imagine water so blue in Santorini or tomatoes so sweet in Sicily. I told the Comedian, we just barely scratched the surface. However, I did promise to give him a six-month break from my constant need to be out of the house.

Growth for Val's Bytes

It's amazing how much can happen when you pray a little and

the building year


make some real effort. I have made strides with Val's Bytes in the past year including starting the Love Bits and Bytes podcast, getting my matchmaker certification, and hosting at an online radio station with Throwback Vibez.

I am working behind the scenes to put together a brand new website, writing my first ebook (a collection of my best blogs), and working on myself. I think there is so much good information out there including several books that will get your mind right to find a quality relationship. If you need recommendations, hit me up.

What's to come

the building yearLike I mentioned before, I have some things in the works that you'll start to see in early 2018. I really want to help anyone I can find love or at the very least, a date. I sincerely believe God gives us gifts to share with the world. I know mine is guiding someone to learn to love themselves so they can find love.

I am also working on expanding my marketing services. I have some terrific friends of mine who are incredibly talented joining my team. Look out for Fox Hunt Digital pretty soon. Personally, I think the website is pretty awesome.

Though 2017 was a tough year for me, I don't regret very much. Well, except all of the BBQ that went to my waistline...ha! I know if I could make a living this year, next year will only be more fruitful. This year was my building year.

I have always kept moving forward because I believe in growth. If you are not growing, then you're stagnant. If you hate your situation, make plans to save yourself. No one else is going to do it for you.

If you are interested in making the leap to working for yourself or if you need coaching, feel free to reach out to me at val@valsbytes.com.

See you next year!!

the building year