My Year in Review


Note to self, I definitely need to blog more… but I digress. This year has been one full of big changes.  In all honesty, I don’t know if those changes would have been made without the Comedian being my conscience.

First and foremost, after many years of believing my car still had a lot of life in her, I finally sold my 2003 Mazda Protégé for a 2010 Toyota Corolla S.  This was the first car I ever owned and the last car I had in college, it had a lot of memories I was not willing to give up.  It didn’t matter to me that it didn’t have automatic doors or windows, or I neglected to get tints, even though I live in Florida.  The Comedian was convinced that it was about to explode, I mean when something broke in the car, he would say, I think you need a new car.  I kind of brushed it off with my stubborn mindset.  “The car still has lots of life”, I would think but he was obviously looking out for my best interest.  The timing was just right.  I had enough to put down for a down payment and I could afford it, so it was done.

Second, I finally got Lasik surgery.  I have been wearing glasses since I was 9 and contacts since I was 13.  So, I have officially been blind (I mean my vision was really, really bad) for about 21 years.  I forgot what it was like to wake up in the morning and be able to see.  I have also never been one to wear glasses.  They bothered me.  Glasses would fall down my nose and I never could get used to

After Lasik surgery.  No make up, popped blood vessel.  It's all healed now

how they looked on me.  I was waiting for the right moment to do the surgery.  Luckily for me, a good friend of mine was a technician at Lasik Plus.  He knew my vision history, Hell, that’s how we met.  He worked for the eye doctor I went to when I was 18.  This was a great opportunity to undergo surgery with someone I trust helping with the procedure.  It was a no brainer.  Today, I have 20/15 vision.  My eyes still get dry from time to time but that’s normal.  I love waking up and not having to worry about contacts or glasses.  I know it sounds like a marketing ploy but I’m telling the truth.

Finally, last but not least, the biggest thing that happened this year… The Comedian and I bought a house!  The opportunity to buy really came out of nowhere.  I wanted a house for us to have more room for our creativity and for Rosco to roam but I felt like that possibility was out of our reach until I got a sense that I should start asking questions.  Maybe it was God telling me to give it a try but it was definitely a strong sense that this was going to work out.  We really had a month window to get the house closed due to some personal finance situations and we pulled it off with the help of my awesome Realtor, Jane Sloan, and the team at Absolute Home Loans, Amy and Bobby.

Our new home!

What’s interesting about the house is that on the vision board I made after watching The Secret I asked for a 1500 square foot home.  All of the houses we looked except for the one we bought were 1200 and 1300 square feet.  I knew they were wrong for us.  When the seller accepted our bid on the 1400 square foot home, I knew it was it.  In The Secret, there’s an example from the writer of Chicken Soup for the Soul who came close.  This house came so close.  It just shows how visions and positive thoughts will bring you what you pray for.

Needless to say, there were other things that happened this past year.  I started school at Florida International University for my MBA, the Comedian and I went to… ummm… 5 weddings, only 1 baby shower (thank goodness),  I hosted my first crawfish boil and High School Marching Band Reunion, and the Comedian and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary.  There's really so much more!  It has been a great year!

I really look forward to 2015 and all that it has to bring.  I will graduate with my MBA in May, I think there are 3 more weddings to go to, my sister will be having my niece, and I’m sure so much more will happen.  These years do fly by but they are filled with so many memories.

Live in the moment, cherish every minute.  Cheers to 2015!

Just a little bit of the past year