Food, food, oh so yummy Food - Day 3


Food the last 3 days I did it, I worked out yesterday and now I can't feel my legs.  There has to be something wrong with this work out regimen if I'm doing squats every day.  It just hurts!  No recovery day!  We'll see about this!

My trainer requests that I send pictures of everything that I eat over to him, I guess to check whether I'm following the rules.  With my years of trying all the diets under the sun, eating well is not completely foreign.  Really, it's the lack of exercise and massive amounts of wine I like to drink.  Also, I do indulge a little more often than I should.  Who doesn't like a toasted bagel with cream cheese for breakfast?

What I miss the most since Monday?  Cheese.  I love cheese.  The comedian always jokes that we're cheesy people but that can be seen in two lights... that we are really nerdy and love corny jokes and that we love cheese. Anyhow, I have made due.  Chicken breasts, veggies, toast with Peanut Butter, is not so bad.   My next challenge is to figure out some recipes to jazz up my taste buds.