Wedding Cake Rant


I have a confession... I don't like cake.  This is my struggle.  The wedding industry is telling me I have to spend $500 on something I don't like to eat.  My fiance, however, does like cake so the battle is not completely lost.  I really do want to get a cake to do the whole "shove the cake in your husband's face" thing BUT I just have a really hard time with all of the insane price tags. You could say I'm unconventional but that's what makes me... well me.  I didn't grow up thinking I would have a huge elaborate wedding, I'm not a princess.  If someone else puts a tiara on my head... I'm going to scream.  I am a people lover.  When I realized marriage was a reality I started planning things I would totally be okay with.  I grew up liking Spanish guitars because my father, uncles, and cousins played guitar.  It was a part of my life so I wanted to integrate that into the ceremony.  The rest... well I want a party.  Where everyone is smiling, laughing, having a great time, and celebrating our marriage.  That's what I want.

My real question is... why is everything so freakin' expensive?  I will be honest.  Maybe I'm super frugal but the idea of spending more than $500 on a wedding dress was so hard for me to digest.  I couldn't swallow the price tag.  I tried watching "Say Yes to the Dress" but I heard the amount these girls were spending for a dress they would wear once and I almost fainted.  I also got a call from a boutique and they told me their starting price was $3000.  Say what?! Why?

I don't want to negate anyone else's dream.  This is just my perspective.  If you have the financial ability to spend anything you want on a wedding, go for it.  I can't.  I am grateful to those who are assisting us.  I definitely could not afford this festival of food and fun without you.

I'm just asking, can I spend less than $500 on a cake or invitations most people will throw away?  Can I not have to DIY everything?  Can I spend as little as possible and still have the night of our lives?  That is my current mission.  I just wish that when someone mentions the word "wedding" the price tag didn't jump three times.