And We Watched Football


We looked at the stars while he passed me my drink. This is just the way I’ve always wanted to experience life. The beach chairs in his parent’s backyard gave us the perfect view of the sparkling night sky. I met him through a mutual friend at a club and our personalities just clicked. I wondered what attracted me to him in the first place because it wasn’t his sense of style or his good looks. There was just something about him. “Hey, the game will be on in about 30 minutes. You wanna jump in the pool for a quick swim before the game?”, he asked presumptuously.

I nodded with delight. We both got down to our knickers. I jumped in first and realized I didn’t have a drink in my hand, “Hey Pedro!” I called, “Can you grab our drinks?”

He turned around, grabbed both of our red plastic cups, and headed back to the pool. He set the drinks down on the ladder for easy access and started to splash water in my face! “Hey! My hair isn’t naturally curly!” I yelled.

We both laughed. He grabbed my drink and we started to ramble on about how stars were created and whether they will exist at the world’s end. You know, real nerdy stuff.

I couldn’t help but smile and laugh when we chatted. I’m not sure if it was the high or the inebriation. It doesn’t matter I was having a blast. Pedro got out of the water, grabbed our towels, and told me the game was about to start. This was a mutual team of ours that we loved watching together and for whatever reason when we watched them together, they won.

Pedro’s parents were gone for the week visiting family in California so there was no reason I should be in a hurry to leave. That was one thing that bothered me about him. He was in his 30s and still lived with his parents. Also, I didn’t even know when he had his last relationship. It was apparent he had no intention of ever settling down. I enjoyed his company as it was. There were no strings even though over time I started having feelings for him. In time, it would come to fruition that we will always have our memories.

I sat down on the long sectional and he was in the recliner. He looked over to me and said, “Hey, come over here.” I happily obliged. I sat on his lap and the game begun. We clinked our plastic cups, I grabbed some snacks off the table next to the chair, and watched the emotional rollercoaster that we call football. I don’t know what’s worse, Grey’s Anatomy and their constant need to have characters die off or watching a team that is never consistent. So emotional! Needless to say, I love the sport.

It was simply the best. We cheered, cried, he teased me because I gave up too early, and our team won. Then we went up to his childhood bedroom. After that, well, I never kiss and tell.