The Millenia Man

Last night, a good friend of mine brought to my attention an article she found in Cosmo, "The Only Kind of Man Worth Marrying".  She started talking about how it explains the "50/50" man and how he supports the corporate woman. Growing up, I struggled with the idea of 'having it all'.  Could I really have a career and a family and my sanity?  As I have said before, I grew up in a slightly old fashioned Hispanic household where my mom was expected to take care of all that was domestic in the home.  As a matter of fact, my grandmother said that I would never find a husband if I didn't know how to iron.  In the article, it says that a woman can have it all if she doesn't have to do it all.  Blasphemy!  What a concept!

Apparently, the Millenia Male takes on some of the chores, helping out around the house with the kids and work, against traditional values.  They have become more accepting of those women who want careers themselves.  It is said to believe these values have shifted because the woman has made work a career and their parents struggled with the blurred lines of what was traditional.

I want to say, I completely embrace finding this Millenia male.  I have always told those that I've dated, that I wanted to be part of a team, that things should be 50/50.  To think, my idea of what my ideal relationship was not too far off from where the world was progressing.  The article does state to beware of those men who do say they are forward thinking by watching out for simple reactions to what you might do such as saying you might have to work late and they complain as to why you can't come home early and make dinner.  He should be supportive to your endeavors.

One piece of advice, if the person you are with makes you a better you, then stick with it.  But if they bring you down, kick them to the curb.  You are a beautiful and strong, no need to let a loser run your life.