Go Ahead! Date Outside of Your Comfort Zone

We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah with the families!

Today, we start our conversation discussing Brenda's trip to visit her in-laws in Texas and her love for cold weather. Then keeping the fire alive in the marriage.

Sometimes we get comfortable with the who we date. As we mentioned before, if you keep dating the same kind of guy or gal and the final result is the same, the problem could be the type of partner you're choosing. Why not try dating outside of your comfort zone?

Brenda and I start talking about dating out of your league but what we really mean is dating outside of your comfort zone.

What is your comfort zone?

You find yourself dating the same prototype. There's a reason for that. As a matter of fact, I met an author recently who discusses in her book The Hangover why we tend to choose the same guys over and over again. When initially talking to her, she said she married the same guy twice. Meaning, they had the same personality traits, not literally the same person.

Knowing the guy isn't right for you

We have all done it. You have dated someone who you knew you couldn't bring around your friends. There is a reason you are attracted to them. Take some time for yourself to figure out what is drawing you to that person so when the day comes that you have to end the relationship, you have learned a little more about yourself.

Take risks

We want to stress; though you may not think highly of yourself, you are a beautiful person. If you think someone is out of your league, they will never like you, ask them out. The worst that can happen is they say "No."

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