How to Cure Date Night Jitters

Date night is intimidating. This is the first time you and someone you are romantically interested in are going to sit down face to face and get to know each other. No pressure.

Val and Brenda start the episode on a lighter note discussing the season and how Latinos drink hot chocolate. Does anyone else put cheese in their hot chocolate? Because we do and we love it!  Though we live in Florida, we do experience somewhat of a fall season. Honestly, I swear Florida is a little bipolar because one day it will be in the low 70s and the next it will be scorching in the high 80s. Get it together Florida!!

We really feel that first dates are kind of like interviews but on a more personal level. Putting your best foot forward to make a good impression is scary, but we discuss some tips to calm your nerves before stepping out the door.

  1. Give yourself a mantra

    You may feel silly at first but remember you do this alone, in the privacy of our own home. Find a mantra that suits you like,

    "I'm a beautiful and strong woman who can make it through anything"

  2.  Dress to impress (especially on the first date)

    Our self-esteem is reflected in what we wear. Put on something that makes you feel good whether it's a cute dress or a blazer.

  3. Have an escape plan

    Nothing can be worse than being on a date with a dud for more than 15-20 minutes. The time passes so slowly. Let someone know where you're going on your date, so they know where to find you if something terrible happens and have an escape plan. We talk more in detail how to do that in the podcast.

  4. Let go and release

    The last thing you want to do is come off as you are a sexual deviant and you only want one thing. A great way to calm the nerves and get rid of way too much sexual tension is to release it.  You know what we're talking about.

  5. Don't drink too much before the date

    A drink or two before date night is okay but don't get wasted. You want to be cognizant of what is going on while you're sitting in front of someone you like.

  6. Have a snack

    Who knows when you'll eat. There might be a wait at the restaurant, or maybe you're just going for a walk in the park. Have a snack before your first date, so they don't see your hangry side.

We know you'll do great. If you're still not sure if you're ready to make a good impression on date night, contact for guidance. I will be happy to get you prepared to put your best foot forward!