How To Find a Date in Real Life

There is tons of advice on how to find a date online. Some of us want to try something new or we're not 100% sure about using the internet to find love just yet. So how do you go about finding a date in real life?

Today, Brenda and I give you some helpful tips on what to do along with what we did over the weekend, my dating coach adventure, and our Thanksgiving plans.

Never skip out on an outing

Whether it's happy hour or a friend's birthday party, there's plenty of opportunities to meet someone new. It's likely that the people going to events want to have a good time and they aren't looking for trouble. A setting where everyone is mingling and having a few drinks is ideal.

Volunteering and church groups

What's great about volunteering or going to a single's church group is that the people involved have the same moral compass you do. Also, you don't have to worry about the ever sticky religion conversation because (obviously) you both have similar beliefs if you're attending the same church.

Take a class

I used to take salsa classes regularly for about five years. I met some incredible people (no boyfriends, unfortunately) in the process. We would go to class during the week and meet up on Fridays to dance with each other. Being a regular in a class will bring you around different people that you have never met, they have the same interests, and are open to making new friends, or even more. If you're in the Orlando area, reach out to me and I can give you some great suggestions.

There's plenty more on this list but you will have to listen to the whole episode to get insights on where to find a date in real life.

We want to wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving!