How to Fight Fair

Fighting is perfectly healthy in any relationship. When you and your significant other get into a spat, it's important to remember to fight fair. Val and Brenda discuss some tips on how to get out of a fight with a resolution not broken spirits.

Don't be afraid of conflict

You both come from different backgrounds regardless of how many similarities you have. The likelihood that you have everything in common is few and far between. Having a little friction in your relationship is entirely normal. You will need to fight to learn how to grow with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

No name calling

Do not get down to grade school level and start calling your love names. This is the person you live with and respect. Only bad things can come out of this. Fight fair to get the best out of your conversation.

Hear their side of things

Sometimes we get stuck in our ways and refuse to see their side. Take a beat, breathe, and let your significant other talk about how they feel.

Don't sweat the small stuff

Wars are going on in the world. If your husband used your decorative towel in the guest bathroom, let it go. There are more important things to talk about like how their day was or whether they enjoyed something you did together. Focus on what really matters.

Be flexible

I am reminded of Stranger Things 2 where Hopper teaches El the word "compromise." You will not get your way every time you argue. Meeting halfway or being "halfway happy" is better than pent-up resentment towards your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, or whatever you call your significant other.

Relationships are work in every which way. Fighting is part of growing together as a couple. Just remember to fight fair, so you both come out winning.

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