Types of Guys We've Dated Who Left Us Speechless

If you have been dating, you have probably dated one of these guys.  If not, then you are very lucky.  Today, Brenda and I talk about those guys who have left a dent in our dating experience.  These types of guys have personality traits that make our jaws drop.  This is a short list.  Let us know if you have another type to add to our entourage of simply bad personalities:

  1. The Mimbo

    This is a term I've coined during my single days.  I had or still have a complex for good looking guys.  I'm not ashamed of that fact.  What is true is that not all of them are the brightest crayon in the box.  You might think to yourself, "Stop talking because you are ruining your pretty."  Check out this story on my favorite Mimbo experience.

  2. The Douchebag

    This guy looks great on paper.  He has the great apartment downtown, and he makes a good living.  However... he's kind of an a-hole about it.  There's one thing to share with the world your accomplishments, but it's another to have a huge ego.  Be wary of this guy because he will wine and dine you but he will put himself first.  Here's another great story to learn more - Downtown Douche

  3. The "Dutch" Guy

    Yes, some men are trying to get their lives together.  It's okay.  He can take you on a date within his own means like going to the park or cooking for you.  But the "Dutch" Guy is the one who forgets his wallet or wants to split the check on every date.  He might even expect you to pay most of the time.  If this behavior is acceptable to you, then go for it.  Just beware, you will need to budget every time you go out.

  4. The "Extra" One

    Romance is not dead.  I love to be surprised every once in a while.  However, this guy worships the ground you walk on to the point where he's a stalker.  This behavior is not healthy.  There is definitely some insecurity that is leading him to his obsessive behavior.  Beware of the smothering.  It might be cute now but the dust will settle, and you will be suffocated by your significant other.

  5. Bad Hygiene Guy

    Wash your clothes, take a shower, brush your teeth.  That's all I gotta say about this guy.  There is nothing worse than going on a first date and smelling your guy from across the table.  It's the not the fish platter... this is your date.

  6. The Compulsive Liar

    This is one of the types of guys who can't keep his story straight.  Beware, he could be keeping a chick on the side.  If something seems suspicious, your instinct is probably right.

  7. The Victim

    He is always the one being attacked.  At his job, he is the one always in trouble, and he blames everyone but himself.  Down the road, he's going to start blaming you for his actions.  Cut him loose now before you start investing in way too much therapy wondering why you did everything wrong.

We really had a great time reminiscing about different types of guys we've dated.  We would love to hear your stories.  Please comment below on types of guys who have left an impression in your life.