6 Dating Habits You Need to Drop Today

We're back on track.  Tuesday is where it's at.

In today's podcast, Brenda and I recollect our dating past by telling stories about dating habits that made us cringe.

  1.  Chivalry is not dead

    • This goes both ways.  Guys, open a door for a gal, pull out their chair, and walk her to the door at the end of the date.  We have gotten so caught up in texting; we forgot it was like to interact on a personal level.  Gals, I suggest you watch A Bronx Tale and find out what it takes to be the one.
  2. Put down your phone

    • Again, you want to have a one on one connection with the person on your date.  It's okay to check your phone when you head to the bathroom but put the phone away when you are face to face with your potential new beau.
  3. Be a better tipper

    • Waiters and waitresses make a living serving you.  It is considerate to tip them 15%-20% or more depending on your experience at the restaurant.  Here's a quick tip, double the first number of the total (not the tax).  That will help with figuring out the tip amount.  Here are some blogs I've written about bad tippers:
  4. Leave the past behind

    • It's just that, leave the past in the past.  There is no better way to kill the mood than talking about your ex.  Imagine the date as a first impression or first interview.  You don't tell your future employer why you left or are leaving your last job to make you look like a good candidate.  The same goes with dating.  Put your best foot forward.  They want to know about you, not your past.
  5. Give a little crazy at a time

    • Most ladies and some guys think about marriage way too fast in the beginning.  That's fine and dandy but like Ted from How I Met Your Mother, don't say "I love you" on the first date.  Yes, we know that girls think about their wedding as soon as we can step foot in our mother's heels.  This information is better left later on in the relationship when the timing is right, not the first date.
  6. To Kiss or Not to Kiss

    • Check out the movie Hitch if you need a visual but read the signs.  If there's no vibe on the date, then don't expect your date to put out.  However, if a lady is playing with her hair, jingling keys, or delaying going to her door.  That is a definite sign she is expecting a kiss.

Give us some of your favorite bad dating habits.  We would love to hear them!