5 Sex Myths Debunked

In today's episode, Brenda and I discuss fantasies.  It is very apparent that hers involve some act of service or chores done around the house.  Her requests might seem a little off, but they sure make her happy.

Then we get into the meat of the show, five sex myths debunked.  I'm sure you've heard them one time or another.  Let's set the record straight

Sex Myth 1 - Size Matters

Most men that we've met in the past are really concerned about the size of their penis, but in all reality, it doesn't matter.  It is about the motion of the ocean and whether the penis is compatible with the size of a woman's vagina.  According to Men's Health, A big penis and a small vagina are not a happy combination.

Sex Myth 2 - The "G" Spot isn't there

As a matter of fact, all women have a "G" spot.  Brenda explains its exact location.  With a little bit of research, your partner can figure it out.  If you do not have someone to investigate your body with, there are also plenty of toys on the market that are specifically geared towards stimulating the "G" spot.

Sex Myth 3 - Most women won't orgasm vaginally

This is true.  Only 30% of women can experience an orgasm vaginally.  Most of the stimulation is done through the clitoris since its full of more nerve endings than all of the male parts combined.

Sex Myth 4 - The pull out method is a contraceptive

So not true.  Men do experience pre ejaculation throughout intercourse.  It only takes one drop for a woman to get pregnant.

Sex Myth 5 - Baby oil and Vaseline are okay lubricants

Definitely not with latex condoms.  The oil based lubricants can actually eat away at the latex thus breaking the condoms.  If you are you going to use anything, make sure it is water based like KY jelly.

Finally, we announce the winner of the Ultimate Dating Basket Giveaway.  Thank you all who participated!