Ditch Dinner and a Movie! Get Some Creative Date Ideas

Time to dust off the ol' thinking cap.  Dinner and a movie dates are so played out, and it's time to switch it up a little, especially if the person you're dating you want to impress.

Val talks about her date with The Comedian where he arranged to meet her at a chocolate making class where you could bring your wine.  They talked, they laughed and made a mess with chocolate, but it was an absolute blast.  The night continued to some other random locations, but it was a sign of a great relationship.

Get your creative date ideas juices flowing

When thinking about new date ideas, consider places you can go to have the opportunity to be intimate with the other person.  Seriously think about creative date ideas.  Get a little competitive and go bowling or play pool.  Brenda suggests going to the gun range to get some frustration out and do something creative with your date.  Take a class together like Val.  Also, check out Painting with a Twist to get your creative juices flowing the drinks pouring.  Even try a wine tasting at Cooper's Hawk.

It's all about making a connection with that special someone.  It doesn't hurt to get a little bit out of your comfort zone to try something new.  Who knows, you will probably like it.  If the lady you're interested has an adventurous side, she will definitely be impressed by your effort to do something different.

The ideas are endless.  Most of all, it makes the time with that special person memorable for years to come.


Happy Birthday to Brenda, as mentioned in the podcast, here are some photos of the cupcakes I baked for her.

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