Is it Better to Have Loved and Lost?

Brenda and I got into a heated debate regarding a recent article by the Huffington Post called We Don't Always End up with the Loves of Our Lives, and that's okay.  I think it didn't sit well with me because it seems to have a negative connotation.  However, Brenda takes a little spin on the idea that it's okay to fall in love but we have to pick ourselves up and get back on our feet again.  All in all, the question is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?

If you haven't read The Secret or saw the movie, I highly recommend it.  The idea of speaking positivity into our lives does resonate with me in that I believe if we do not let negativity in then only great things will come out.  Call me naive. However, I know that bad things happen but allowing those bad things to effect our everyday lives should not be the case.  Embracing the idea that potentially bad things can happen and using it as a tool for growth is Brenda's position.  Reality has a funny way of teaching us lessons so we can grow.

Break ups are painful.  We discuss our methods and what we do to get through a breakup.  Val loves to immerse herself in friends and a little bit of Adele while Brenda picks up some ice cream and Alanis Morisette.  Either way, loving someone is a very significant part of our lives.  We should not discount it because the relationship had a bad ending.  Having loved and lost is the better answer in this scenario.

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