4 Ways Women Sabotage Relationships

Sometimes we get in our own way.  Women sabotage relationships and lose the opportunity to date really great guys.  On today's podcast, we open with a new segment called #ILoveYouBut where we talk about our husbands and things that might annoy us just a little bit.  Please join in the conversation and post your own #ILoveYouBut on Twitter.  We would love to read them for next Tuesday's podcast.

Back to the show!

Yes, I used to be a Commitophobe

When I was dating, it used to be easier to push men away than to even fathom the idea of becoming vulnerable to them.  Later in life, I realized that in order to have the relationship that I wanted, I had to open up and give that right to the person I thought that was worthy.  It all worked out for the best.  Sometimes things happen in their own time and we need to go through stages in order to find what we're looking for in another person.

I can't date him... he has a really big toe

Brenda talks about her huge laundry lists of things that she wants in a man.  I know we search for the perfect significant other, but sometimes we have to realize that person doesn't exist.  Narrowing down to a few "Must Haves" is the key to making it a little easier on yourself.  I like to say, he is not perfect but he is perfect for me.

OMG, he hasn't texted back after 5 minutes!

Cool down ladies!  This is probably the biggest reason how women tend to sabotage their relationships.  Overthinking is definitely a killer.  Men are simple.  If they like you, they will express their feelings right off the bat.  They will show you they like you.  If they don't, then it will feel like you're chasing them through a rabbit hole.  Take a breather and enjoy your life.  If he's right for you, he will hit you up.

I wanna get married in two years, have 2.5 kids, and a white picket fence

On a date, this is the ultimate fun killer.  A friend of mine used to say, let out a little crazy at a time.  It's okay to have that conversation about marriage and kids after a little time has passed but leave the first date to regular get to know you questions, laughter, and simply a good time.  Enjoy the moment and don't shove all your expectations down his throat all at one time.


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