5 Ways to Change Up Your Bedroom Routine

Want to spice up your bedroom routine just in time for Valentine's Day?  This episode is for you!  Our in-house Pure Romance sales representative, Brenda, shares with you secrets to getting your man all hot and heavy.  We want your experience to be enjoyable.

  1. Change Positions

    Sometimes missionary can get, boring.  There's an app for that.  But if anything, invest in a Kamasutra book and try some new positions.  All you need to do is find an opportunity with your partner to express that you are looking to do something different.  Then, as a couple, pick out some new moves that you would be interested in trying.  The activity will get you two in the mood as well as excited that you are doing something together.  The bedroom routine does not have to be mundane; it can be fun.

  2. Use Some Accessories

    You do not have to venture into bondage.  Couple toys can be a lot of fun if your partner is willing to experiment with you.  Again, shopping together as a couple provides an intimate experience for both of you.  Experimenting with these accessories give you something to look forward to when you get in the sack.  If you're interested in learning more about the different types, contact Brenda@valsbytes.com or visit her Pure Romance website.  There will also be a link at the end of the blog.

  3. It's Okay to Plan

    Scheduling sex does not take the romance out of the action.  Planning at the beginning of the day will give you the opportunity to tease your partner throughout the day.  It builds a foreplay for the actual event. Even getting excited to use a new accessory at the end of the day will bring new light to your bedroom routine.

  4. Sexting

    Get enticed with your husband.  You want to keep the passion alive.  By sending each other messages throughout the day, you have the opportunity get the juices rolling.  Don't be afraid to share intimate pictures with your lover.  We do warn you not to show your face just in case "Big Brother" is watching but get your man enticed for what is coming.

  5. Consider Oral

    Performing oral is a mindset.  Consider purchasing an accessory to help make the experience more pleasing if it's not necessarily your cup of tea.  There are creams out there that make it taste better and help with a gag reflex.  Also, hold your partner's gaze to get him extra turned on.  This will get them going in the moment so you can get into the act of making love.

We want you to enjoy your time with your partner and keep the spice alive in the bedroom.  To check out some products, visit Brenda's Pure Romance site at www.pureromance.com.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!