How Online Dating has Changed Relationships FOREVER

Being part of the older end of the Millenial generational spectrum, Brenda and Val discuss what dating used to be like in the 1990s.  The internet has changed dating in a way that was not fathomed not even two decades ago.  Both Brenda and I met our husbands on a dating app.  We wouldn't have it any other way.  However, when we were both in high school, things were very different.

You could call a service in Puerto Rico to send a message to a pager.  However, I remember in the states, my classmates were getting pages throughout the day and using the payphones to get to the person who was trying to reach them.  Also, I remember that when I liked a boy, I would either have to sit by the phone and twiddle my thumbs as I am waiting for them to give me a call.  The anxiety could be unbearable.  It's like in that movie; He's Just Not That Into You, one of the characters sat next to her phone, making sure the cord was still attached.

Now, we have the ability to get information within seconds.  Instead of getting a phone call while you're at home, you can get a text or email from the person that you're into.  Not only that, you can use an app to find someone to date.  Tinder and Badoo had made it possible for everyone to secretly and superficially swipe left or right to pick the person who is your match (or at least your match for that night).  The world has become flat in the sense that distance is not an issue when it comes to finding the person of your dreams.  Online dating is just another way to meet someone.

We discuss meeting someone at a bar and your safety.  Angel shots is a way to let your bartender know that you might be in trouble or your date is a bit a shady.  Check out this link for more information.

A few weeks back I shared an infographic from Carvaka on how much online dating has become the norm in the last two years.  If online dating is not your thing, let us know how you're meeting people.  We would love to hear your story!