The Best of Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is finally here.  We know many of you might think of today as Singles Awareness Day, but in today's episode, we debunk that idea.  Just a warning, there is some wine involved in this conversation, so there will be some great tangents.

Both Brenda and I have our favorite experiences when it comes to this highly popularized day. Our best experiences differ in who we spent it with.

Brenda discusses how on one Valentine's Day, she spoiled herself.  Don't be afraid to go and take yourself out.  A day of primping, spoiling and indulging never hurt anyone.  The best date you could probably have is with the person you love the most, yourself. She recounts a day that she took herself to the nail salon, bought some great food, and had the best time of her life.

Val talks about her favorite date which happened to be with the Comedian.  It's all about the experience.  Once, he took her to this quaint Italian restaurant where they were welcomed by an older Italian gentleman with a robust "Buon Notte!"  The restaurant was crowded, and the meal was great.  But what took the night over the top was the accordion player who could play anything you wanted, including "Hot Line Blink."  It was an amazing experience to watch him get requests and play them with no problem.

If anything, plan a Galentine's night with your girls.  Get together one night with food, wine, and Sex and the City.  Granted, after a few glasses of wine, you might end up having Sex and the City play in the background, but it will be totally worth it for a gab session with your gals.

Whether you are spending Valentine's Day with yourself, you're significant other, or your gals, make time to embrace an opportunity to indulge in the holiday.  Yes, you should do it every day but isn't it nice that you can make an excuse to do it today?