Why I think Jane the Virgin is amazing!


I have this new obsession.  That show on the CW called Jane the Virgin.  Maybe I felt a little nostalgic because it reminded me of all of the novelas (Spanish soap operas) I used to watch growing up, but it has reeled me in like the hungriest tuna swimming upstream.  With my new obsession, I started googling everything I could about the actors and who they were.  I happened to stumble upon this interview on YouTube that really touched me at the very core.  Gina Rodriguez, who plays Jane, starts talking about how this role came up unexpectedly.  Someone with her look and nationality would not normally go for a lead part in almost anything.  Here was her chance.  She spoke about how her father told her that she was beautiful regardless of what others think. What she said was powerful.  It means that anyone can really live their dream.  Too many times were caught up in the notion that we're not pretty enough or experienced enough or that we don't fit the mold.  But we are all beautiful.  Maybe I connect because I'm also Puerto Rican who grew up around a lot of anglos due to my dad being in the military.  I always had wild and crazy hair and I never fit into one particular crowd.  Gina from Jane the Virgin mentions that once you get past what's in your head, you are capable of so many things.  It's simply that amazing and simple.  The thing holding us all back from what we really want to accomplish is our own minds.  Once we all get past the doubt, the negative words from other people, worrying what others think, the perception of what society believes to be beautiful, and constant thoughts of remedial things, we can succeed.  Gina says, once she got past it, everything was so clear.

I do have to give major props to Gina Rodriguez from Jane the Virgin for getting a Golden Globe for best actress this past year.  I mean, this girl from Chicago who just wanted to be an actress landed a lead role in topsy, turvy show that makes my heart jump each time.  This is just as amazing as the diversity of the cast from Orange is the New Black.

When I delve deeper and deeper into the wonderful cast of Jane the Virgin, I can't help but want to watch more.  I'm just not looking forward to the season finale.  That would mean I would have to wait months to see another episode!