Why Traveling Was Good For Our Relationship


I have traveled before I met my partner Gareth (as I like to call BG, Before Gareth.) I had gone to various random places in the states with my family. The usual California, New York, Zion and I saw my best friend get married in Australia.  I would say that I hardly traveled. Five states and once out of the country in my 20 something years that is barely seeing the world.  Since I have had the pleasure to be with my fun, adventurous partner, we have NEVER gone a couple of months without a holiday or change in location. He is my adventure, and it has made us better for it. Here’s why…

1. Got us out of our comfort zone

When you’re in a new city, you have to try new things. New food, new gym, new everything. That can be scary for someone that is used to being in a bubble. I have grown so much since I have met this man that I feel like I am a different person. I owe that to him and the adventure we have had traveling the world. Let me just put this into perspective I used to be scared to go anywhere by myself, I’d have mad anxiety, and now I can travel by myself to a different country. One of my favorites quote is

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.”

Not sure who wrote it but traveling has gotten us out of our comfort zone.  It made us turn to each other when you have a life like a gypsie. You can’t go to your parent's or friend's house. Yes, we have phones and can call anyone at any time, but it’s different. We have just had us, and it’s forced us to communicate with each other even when we would rather not.

2. Taught us how to go with the flow

Things are stressful when there is no place to hang your hat. You can plan, and life laughs, life has taught us to plan and then go with the flow. We have moved to a different state within a week; we plan vacations a day in advance. We are last minute people that fly by the seat of our pants, and when things get stressful, we get mad and then laugh because that’s life and this life is us. We also had an inside joke for the longest time of blaming it on Florida. Life goes by too quick to not laugh about that crappy thing that happened.

3.  Made us appreciate US.

You meet a lot of people while you travel and you see a lot of your friends through a social media lens. Nothing is perfect, and we aren’t either, but I can honestly say the more people I meet, the more I know I was meant to be with this Irish stud. I have been on holidays and vacations with other boyfriends, and I was never fulfilled or always bored. I can look at this man for hours and still have more to talk about, and the great thing is I know he would say the same. We once missed the lights of Paris because we were too busy talking in the hotel room. I wouldn’t change a thing. The more people I meet, the cities I go and the more time passes, the more I love this man.

4.  We got to know each other on a different level quickly.

We went on our first holiday on our 4th date, and we got lost and walked FOREVER in Vegas. I had a blast. But because we have traveled a lot our first two years of dating, we were together 24/7.  I had been in relationships before that a week on holiday them was way too much time. So it refreshing to be with someone I can’t get enough of and it almost been two years we have been together! You can’t hide your true self when you’re with someone so much. I know that I will spend the rest of my life getting know the man beside me, but I’m thankful for the time we have had traveling. It has allowed us to quickly get to know each other to know that we wouldn’t want to be with anyone else.

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