The Waiting Room


As my life continues, I find that I am in the most interesting predicaments.  The reason I was in the waiting room for an injury I got at work doesn't really matter.  What matters is all of the people watching I was about to endure during the 3 hour wait to see the doctor.  As I sat down, I realized I was sitting near a few UPS delivery drivers and employees.  What I found interesting was who came to sit down next to one of those UPS employees, a Fed Ex employee.

Both were attractive people in their own right.  I tend to be one of those who love to see when there might be a spark.  What a great story!   The UPS guy and the Fed Ex gal fell in love.

Anyhow, I eavesdropped to on their conversation because I was intrigued.  Apparently UPS workers do not pay for their uniforms.  That is really all I got out of it but I could tell the UPS guy was definitely attracted to the Fed Ex gal.  All of the other people in the room did distract me from time to time and their conversation seemed to die down.  I think they were there for only an hour out of the 3 I was there.

All in all, I could had been present for another great love story.  Just knowing that makes the visit to the doctor much better.