The Freelance Struggle


by Sean MacEntee Recently, I have ventured into the world of freelancing. After listening to several podcasts and reading articles, I went against the advice of most and tried a freelancing website. If you're trying to branch out into being paid for your art, this is definitely not the route.

After a week or two of being on the site, I could see why it was such a challenge to make a living. No one getting paid the rates listed could really make ends of me. But still, I was excited to have my first paying gig. Write 30 articles about dating advice. Easy enough considering that is one of my fortes. After I accepted the offer, I realized, I was literally being paid $1.00 per article. What a rip off! I know my content is worth so much more.

I really tried to make a good impression as this was my first job on the site but it just didn't seem worth it in the long run. The person who hired me said my content was amazing. Knowing that, I felt it was time to just quit. I could do so much more with the content I am able to produce on my own site and be truly appreciated by those I cater to.

I am venturing out on doing some real freelance work. I have started a new website catering to that customer. If you're interested in seeing some samples, feel free to visit Valerie Writes.

I would love to make my travel dreams come true. I know it can only be obtained by not working the hum drum 9-5 where I have to ask to have 3 weeks of vacation a year and the company dictates how much I'm worth. Maybe I sound like a true Millenial but at the end of the day. That's how I really feel.