Not So Bad-Day 2


The Gym is Calling My Name.   Tara Angkor Hotel Fitness centre It's Day 2 and I have to say, so far so good.  As usual, my motivation beast has shown his ugly head.  I did not feel like waking up this morning to work out.  Excuses run through my head like a crazy person.  My thoughts kept saying,

"Oh, you're so sore from yesterday."

"You need more sleep"

I'm not going to let them defeat me today.  I will work out after work.

There are some things that surprise me when it comes to trying new things.  I have always heard bad things about drinking protein shakes.  Like they aren't the most appetizing thing to consume or that they give you really bad gas.  I'm not really sure it's all hearsay.  Yesterday morning, I created a concoction of Allmax Nutrition 15oz Isoflex - Vanilla, berries, Silk Pure Almond Vanilla, some banana, and natural peanut butter.  Let me tell you, YUM!  There's not much that I'm missing through this journey so far.  I'm so accustomed to healthy food from all of the dieting I've done over the years so this is not much of a stretch.  Maybe I'll hate myself a little more after the squats I'm set out to do today.  I have to keep reminding myself... I want a better booty.  Ha!

I'm also being told to take extra supplements.  I'm curious as to what effect they will have on my body.  I've had so many crazy experiences with multivitamins that I'm a bit weary.  It could be the lack of education I have on getting fit and working out but parts of me are conflicted in thinking I should do this is as clean as possible.