Cranky Mornings

Good-Morning-Graphics-And-Greetings-211This morning, I woke up in a super cranky mood.  I never understood how some days I'm a ball of positivity and others I just want to claw someone's eyes out.  It's like every email or request makes me wish I was still at home cuddled in bed watching useless tv.  I ask myself, why does this happen?  I wonder if being a woman in a hormonal state causes some sort of unwanted emotion?  Does this happen to men?  Is there really a division in the sexes?  I never liked to think so but the older I get and the more aware of my emotions I become, the more I think there is. Normally, in these situations, I pop some "happy pills".  A term coined by my coworkers after taking some St. John's Wort (a natural supplement).  We're not sure if it has a placebo affect, but it does work.  So, in essence, it doesn't matter if its a placebo or not.  :-)

After feeling the way I felt this morning, I turned on Joel Osteen's podcast from yesterday and that didn't work.  I'll keep looking for something a little positive to put some pep in my step.