Contrasting Mistakes

This past Sunday, the Comedian and I attended our church's service as we try to do as often as possible. Our normal pastor was on vacation so another filled in for him. This particular pastor I've grown a liking to because he makes his sermons relatable. He started talking about TVs with the dials, if you don't remember, you had to stand up to change the channel or in my case, my parents made me do it. Old TV

He started talking about the dials on the bottom of the TV and one happened to be contrast. How would we be different than everyone else? How would we be a better Christian? As the sermon went on, I listened intently as I was looking for what this message could bring to me that day. Finally, he brought up moral responsibility. As I had discussed in Is Divorce an Option? that society accepts failure like everything is okay. It is okay to make a mistake, we're just human. We have all decided that we can get away with whatever we want. People cheat all the time, so its accepted. Some of us steal but its okay, we make mistakes. It is so interesting when I find someone who speaks on a topic which made my wheels turn as well.

I personally believe that we do make mistakes but what separates us from being a better person is owning up to those mistakes. I have so much respect for those who don't hide behind excuses and say, yes, I messed up and I'm sorry. Integrity is such an honorable trait, in my person opinion. Over the years, I decided to be transparent. Trying to lie to get out of something never panned out well in the end, so why even try it? The pastor went on to say that those who are "pure" are looked as fake. It's interesting that we all strive to be better people and when we find someone who really sticks by their values, they are scrutinized. What a twisted world we live in.

To be better people, we really do have to look deep down inside and decide. Do you want to be transparent and pure? Or do you want to keep hiding behind your mistakes?