Let the journey commence


By Maks Karochkin I've been battling weight problems ever since my family moved to Florida when I was 9 years old.  In the fear of not being kidnapped, my parents kept us indoors.  They would say, "If we're not home, you can't play outside".  This was a tougher part of life because my dad left the military (for the first time) and my mom started working.  They dynamic was very different from when we were on a military base.  My mom didn't have to work.  She did take some part time jobs but those were done when we were in school so my sister and I didn't know any different.

Fast forward to today, the consequences of not being outside and playing, also, the infamous Puerto Rican way of eating caused both my sister and I to not really understand what it was to be healthy.  My dad was always very fit and ran like 10 miles per day.  He left when I was 14 years old.  There was no fitness role model.

I have tried every single diet under the sun.  My biggest struggle was to maintain that lifestyle long enough to get to my goal weight.  While I was in college, I did the South Beach diet.  I lost about 15 lbs.  Then after my ex fiance, I started taking diet pills and that worked for a little.  Then my body started doing some scary things, so I stopped.  When I was with my fiance, I weighed the most.  It was crazy I was wearing a size 16.  I dropped back down to a size 10/12 after taking the diet pills.  Next, about 2 years ago, I experienced the most weight loss.  I went on Weight Watchers and lost 20 lbs.  I was feeling great but I could no longer afford to go to the meetings which is the most important aspect, in my opinion and I started my current relationship.  I've maintained my weight for the most part but it's time for a serious change.

Lately, I started following quite a few fitness people online and I was saying to myself, what am I waiting for?  Yes, I love food and alcohol but is it really that important that I keep eating the wrong things?

So last week, I reached out to someone that I have been following on Pinterest, SwiftFit, and inquired about his program.  I took the leap.  After a few days of back and forth of understanding the program, I'm all in.  Today is Day 1.

I want to use this blog as an opportunity to make a promise to myself and my readers that this is a commitment I'll make for the next 90 days.  Yes, yes, I know, it's during the holidays but what's the challenge if I can't get some interesting days under my belt.

Wish me luck!