Super Stalkers

I don't recall being in a situation where I was stalked so relentlessly.  I really need to start researching that Google number thing. Anyway, a few weeks ago I went to my girl's house for her husband's birthday party.  He happens to be a DJ for a local Latino promotions company so you can only imagine the music was blasting outside of the house.  I was with a coworker of mine who I'm very fond of.  She's much younger than me so I tend to be a little protective of her but I'm very aware that she is a strong person and can probably take care of herself... I digress. Both her and I stand by the wall for a minute, we'll call her Dory, these two guys approach us and ask us to dance.  I absolutely love dancing so I accepted the offer.  Next thing you know, these guys are on us like white on rice.  They are getting us drinks, asking questions, making sure we don't dance with anyone else and taking pictures with us.  The guy with Dory asked if we were going to go to the club after the party.  She wasn't sure how to respond and asked if I was willing to go, I said, if you want, I'll go with you to make sure everything is okay.  When we were about to leave to go to her house to change (I was already prepared for the occasion) she gave her number to her guy.

After Dory changed, we headed to the club and met the guys in the parking lot.  While we were inside, we found out some information about Dory's guy.  He had a girlfriend.  We confronted him about the issue and he denied, denied, denied.  It's just strange how guys don't believe we aren't going to find out.  If you're a promoter for the club and hang out with the same people we do, you don't think the truth will come out sooner or later?  This always had boggled my mind.

My guy kept trying to feed me drinks.  I believe he had an ulterior motive.  It wasn't going to happen.  I will say that after all of my "training" at the University of Florida, I know when a guy has an idea in his mind. I will be the first to pop that bubble.  Anyhow, after dealing with the lies and the craziness of these guys, I was worn out.  I asked Dory if we could leave.  She agreed and took me to my car.  As we pulled away, the guys were outside watching us drive by.  We didn't tell them we were leaving :-)  I know it seems bad but if you're going to dance with other girls and deny that you are doing that, then why should I respect you?

After Dory dropped me off at my car, I started driving to my apartment.  As I was driving, I looked over to my left and the guys were right there next to me.  I ignored them and successfully found an escape route.

On Monday, I spoke briefly to Dory and she informed me that her guy had been texting her all weekend.  One request from him was to give his friend my number.  I refused.  There was no way I would have that crazy stalker in my life.  Unfortunately, I knew I would see him again. But at least this way, I could keep him at arms length.

Weeks later, I went to the same club and the two guys showed up.  Luckily, I was in the company of another person, so I was able to ignore them.  I spoke to the girl at the door, who is also a friend of mine, she told me they had been harassing her my number as well.  Wow... that's all I can say.  Needless to say, I just hope every time I'm around, I have an escape route.