How to Get Closer to Your Significant Other


The supreme happiness in life is the conviction that we are loved, are the words of famous French novelist, Victor Hugo, and for sure it’s the greatest truth. Noble thing as knowing that you are in love with somebody is a very rare thing in modern society, that’s why it’s even more precious. Finding your soulmate is already difficult, but when it happens there comes a tricky part, how to get closer to your significant other. The happiest people are those who have energetic and active relationships. It doesn’t matter where do you live or what culture your life is influenced by, it stands as a self-evident and universal truth, happiest people are those who care very much about their relationship.

Talk about your dreams

Moment of realization that this might be the most important thing in every relationship is when my girlfriend told me her greatest wish that she never told anyone, I realized that I never considered that part of her personality. When you know what is behind those eyes you look every day, and for what they strive it becomes something special. Sometimes it feels like you are on the mission to concur the world and to fulfill dreams for your other half. Others dream becomes your dream; you are giving hope for future success, an influence that should be present in any relationship.

Traveling with your significant other

Somewhere on the beach, you can see a few fragments of the orange sun disappearing. There's no work for tomorrow, just enjoying the moment with your life companion, it will make your heart dance. After with your significant other, you will create a unique psychological bond, especially if travel experience was pleasant. Either way, you will have flashbacks of that journey as something special. Couples who have traveled together enjoy greatly the freedom and independence it provides, it excites and makes your relationship last longer by encouraging dynamical bond.

Try new things

Work as a team, do not compete, you can find some hobby, let’s say archery. Competition is great, but in the end, someone is always defeated. You can avoid this by doing things that require teamwork. Let’s say, gardening, on first glance; you think this is boring, well let me tell you my story, you might change your mind. Last year my girl and I started working on our yard. We both thought that it looked dull. It had grass and fence and nothing else. So we started making plans, where should these flowers go, and where the fountain should be. We helped each other and build something, it was our creation. This spring when everything started to flourish we were so happy what we made together. It connected us, through work, decisions, and realization what we are capable of doing when we work as a team.

You are on half way of making your partner feel completely loved just by asking yourself what should I do to stay connected? Well, don’t stop, try things, try to find the answer, an experience that will follow is the very essence of intimacy and really knowing your partner.