Is it Too Early to Bring My SO to Meet My Family?


It's official! You've been cuffed.  After dating some great ones and some bums, you have finally locked yourself down into a relationship.  Congrats! Now that the holidays are here, you start asking yourself whether it's too early to bring your new beau to meet your family. Is it too early for your significant other to meet them?

Before making your final decision, bring out your yellow legal pad and make a pros and cons list based on the following questions you should ask yourself.

Know your audience

One of the scariest things to do is think about the potential political conversation that could happen at the table. Your new lover is likely to be in the middle of the argument of the year about the latest health coverage changes, and there is nothing you can do about it. They are your family, and they say things because they are comfortable with their opinions.

Your abuelita (grandmother) will possibly say something way too premature for your new relationship, causing you to worry whether you jumped the boat. Is your SO the type of person who can handle a little bit of adversity?

If you can envision your SO being comfortable with any situation that involves your family, then take it as a good sign. Keep an eye on them during some stressful situations and conversations in your day to day life. Or give him a heads up on your family dynamic. When you see they aren't even phased by what you consider to be crazy, you've got a good one. Don't let him or her go!

Trust me. I've been there. I remember someone in particular who I wasn't exactly proud to bring around my friends and family. Cowboy boots and a gold grill come to mind. He was SOOOO not my type so I kept him hidden because I knew that I would receive some backlash from those who loved me most. Which goes to my next point.

Define your relationship

Whether you're a guy or gal, cuffing season is an interesting time of the year. People get into relationships to stay warm for the winter but if you intend to keep them through the colder months then drop them like a bad habit right before Valentine's Day, then maybe you shouldn't introduce them to your family. First, it will give both your SO and your family false hope that you finally found someone serious. Second, it's messy. Don't bring them to a holiday party if they are only intended to be a winter fling.

If you feel this is something that will last, and you can be with this person for long-term, then yes, introduce them to your family. They are already dying to meet the person that makes you smile when you say their name.

Is it the right time?

Maybe you have only been dating for a few weeks or even a few months. The length of the relationship doesn't really matter. It's how you feel on the inside. A good friend once told me,

When you know, you know

And as dumb as it might sound to you right now because you don't think that way, trust me, it's true. There's just something about your SO that's different than the others. It feels different, and it feels right.

The holidays are a social season. I personally see my family more this time of the year than any other. If you're the same and you want to show off your newest relationship, think about all of the scenarios before bringing them in front of the firing squad. After asking yourself all of these questions and you don't see any red flags then get your SO prepared for the time of their life because they are about to make a first impression on your loved ones.